Friday, Jul 19, 2019

Eyewear frames are an important part of everyday life and you should choose a pair that complements your face and style. However, they are an expensive investment. This is especially true if your prescription changes over time. So if you’re happy with the frames you already own and don’t want to replace them, you can save money by choosing to reglaze glasses.

Why reglaze glasses?

Update your prescription

After your latest visit to the optometrist, has your prescription changed? If so, it is definitely time for you to reglaze glasses. This will help ensure your eyesight is corrected and you can see clearly, while still keeping your stylish frames.

Replace broken lenses

Have you dropped your frames by accident? Or have you been playing sport with frames on, only to have a ball hit you in the face or someone bump you too hard? In these situations, your frames go through a beating. They can end up cracked, scratched and in desperate need of replacement, which can be easily completed by switching out the old lenses.

Get a new lens coating

Sick and tired of your current lenses? And want a refreshing change? It may be time to upgrade to new lens coatings. When you choose to reglaze glasses, you can add coatings such as anti-reflection, scratch resistance, UV protection and tinted amongst many other useful options.

Fill in a vintage or designer find

Found the perfect frames? Or would you rather not spend more money on new frames and have nice existing ones sitting in a drawer? This would be the perfect opportunity to fill in your frames with new lenses to make the most use of them and extend the life of your existing eyewear.

Reglaze glasses process

1. Select frame options

a. Start by choosing a frame you want to reglaze glasses for, it can be an old pair or a new purchase. You will need to submit the basic details of the frame, such as the brand and model.

Some things to consider are the age and quality of your frames. This is because reglazing involves removing and reinserting lenses that requires the manipulation of frames under heat. So it is not recommended to reglaze glasses that are old or made of brittle plastic.

In addition, frames that are too curved or oversized are not eligible for reglazing. There are different costs depending on whether your frames are rimmed, semi-rimless or rimless.

2. Prescription details

a. Enter your prescription details for both your eyes and Pupillary Distance (PD) preferences to your selected eyewear provider. If they are not suitable for reglazing, they will be posted back and contact you to discuss how to proceed from that point. In addition there are varying costs, depending on the lenses type, for example, single vision lenses, bifocal, varifocal and progressive.

2. Lenses preferences

a. Enter your chosen lenses preferences to your selected eyewear provider. Also, based on your frames choice and prescription details, they may make recommendations on which preferences will best suit you.

3. Payment and postage

a. Review your cart. Then submit your frames and payment to your eyewear provider, who will let you know they have received them safely. Then your frames will be fitted with brand new lenses in the existing frame. This technical process normally takes up to 2 weeks.

4. Receiving your reglazed glasses

a. After your frames have been fitted, they will then be available for pick up or can be delivered back to your mentioned address under insured signature post. If any adjustments are required, feel free to contact your eyewear provider.

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